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Paola is a success coach, author, wellness consultant and professional tango dancer living in Austin, Texas.
She empowers women entrepreneurs to embrace a greater sense of freedom, develop meaningful relationships and have a more joyous life.

She supports her clients to find more harmony, stability and trust in an overextended culture.
She specializes in connection, communication and human dynamics to help professional women get a greater understanding of our world and appreciation for self.

“I wish for more individuals to appreciate that our limitations in life are self-applied!”
-Paola Aguillon

She continually studies and research the greatest minds of personal development and self help to bring the best systems and modalities to her practice so she can help her clients grow and find purpose in life.
Self-care is a major component to success and to reach personal as well as professional goals. Paola’s extensive knowledge in wellness and chemical free lifestyle aids her client to find comfort and peace-of-mind in their everyday life.
She’s also a published author sharing her proven method for a healthier and more vibrant life.

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