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Since 1972, LegalShield has leveled the legal playing field for individuals, families and small businesses. We make equal access to the justice system affordable through a low monthly subscription. LegalShield has of quality provider law firms in every state as well as Canada and the UK. Members just "tap the app" to receive call backs from an attorney within four business hours!

The IDShield plan protects with comprehensive monitoring and restoration services. Again, members just "tap the app" to connect with a licensed private investigator who can counsel on an identity issue or cancel credit cards when a purse or wallet is stolen.

More importantly, the investigators work on members' behalf and do whatever it takes as long as it takes to resolve identity issues for them, not just give members the phone numbers to call.

IDShield also provides insurance from $25,000 to $1M thate reimburses financial loss due to identity theft.

Finally, our MEMBERPerks program easily save members more than the cost of their subscription through exclusive discounts from hundreds of retailers and services: clothes, travel, TV/phone services, movie and event tickets, auto insurance, etc.
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