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Meg Poag, Mission Squared

  • June 29, 2022
  • 7:00 AM - 8:30 AM
  • UT Club, 2108 Robert Dedman Dr, Austin TX 78712


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Top Three Ways We Unknowingly Sabotage Relationships in Times of Stress, and What to Do About It!

We’ve all seen that the unprecedented stressors in today’s workplace are exacerbating already strained emotional intelligence and social skills of leaders and their teams. But what if 90% of the strain and dysfunction between people was due to a lack of simple, powerful information? What if we could pull back the veil of confusion when it comes to strained relationships and quickly, powerfully reset positive working relationships?

Meg has proven this to be possible with hundreds of people for many years. By sharing her own confusions and experiences of unknowingly sabotaging her own relationships, Meg walks participants through the source of the confusion, and then powerful science and proven tools to immediately right the wrongs, get back on the same page, and feel connected and empowered in our relationships once again.
Understanding the science of stress and how trust and positive relationships are eroded and built will put you back in the drivers seat, and on the path of building and maintaining joyful relationships!

About our speaker:

MEG POAG is the CEO, Founder and Chief Consultant of Mission Squared, an organizational development consulting firm that helps small to medium-sized organizations maximize their impact by transforming the workplace into a mission-aligned, fulfilling place to work.

Meg is a visionary, proven leader whose passion for growing effective organizational leaders has been a central part of her personal purpose for decades. Her mission is to change the way work is organized and empower the people who do it, and she is passionate about empowering leaders to drive change, get better results, and solve organizations’ most complex problems.

Before founding Mission Squared in 2017, Meg was a seasoned student of the school of hard knocks, growing an organization from 2 to 90 employees, receiving national acclaim and honing her passion for effective strategies in leadership. Meg has served as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Texas School of Social Work and has presented at numerous national conferences and been featured in large session panels on a wide array of topics including: managing fast-paced organizational growth, effective leadership in complex systems, transforming cultures from dysfunction to accountability, and building next-level executive talent.


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