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Ruben Cantú, University of Texas Office of Inclusive Innovation

  • April 19, 2023
  • 7:00 AM - 8:30 AM
  • UT Club, 2108 Robert Dedman Dr, Austin TX 78712


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The Future of Capitalism Depends on Accountability

Capitalism has created the greatest amount of wealth globally. Through our ingenuity we’ve literally moved mountains, secured trade routes, and insured global stability in the markets.

This doesn’t tell the entire truth.

Capitalism is a tool just like anything else, and it is also a methodology, and a mindset. Capitalism doesn’t just live in the external markets, it lives inside of us from a lens of which we look at the world.

Capitalism left unchecked can be dangerous and impact our health. It is a risk to us all and it has been for a long time because we often don’t account for the level of impact due to the extraction and exploitation that it allows.

Many things threaten the stability of Capitalism, especially in this country. These factors include warring tensions amongst nations, credit defaults, risky investments, climate change, and disruptive technology.

In this talk we’ll talk about the history of how capitalism emerged to where we are today, what we have learned from our past, and the threats and concerns we should be monitoring for the future.

We will explore ways in which capitalism can evolve into a more accessible, equitable, and human-centered and eco-conscious system.

From the agrarian revolution to the virtualization of trade, we will dive into complex topics that affect our world now and tomorrow and what we need to do to secure a better social contract for our future.

About our speaker:

In the summer of 2018, Ruben Cantú was recruited by the University of Texas at Austin to found the Office of Inclusive Innovation and Entrepreneurship, where he serves as Executive Director and Assistant Professor. He’s launched the Product Prodigy Institute and WIELD Texas, two student-facing programs that teach entrepreneurship, executive leadership, and human-centered design.

As a consultant and coach in DEI, social impact, community building, and practitioner of human potential/emotional mastery, Cantú travels the world giving talks and workshops and launching movements that advance more love in the world.

He co-founded a think and action tank, Community Resilience Trust, at the start of the pandemic in 2020. Today, CRT has played a pivotal role in operationalizing equity throughout our city and creating a model of innovation from the margins.

Ruben graduated from Leadership Austin’s Essential Class of ‘14, and is a 2022 McBee Fellow for the Austin Area Research Organization.

When not working, Ruben focuses on being a bridge between the local community and international issues that break barriers and foster peace and prosperity. He also is an avid music lover and Jeopardy enthusiast. 


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