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Each week, we catch the photogenic side of our speakers and members. Take a look back at some past events and see if you can spot yourself! Many thanks to Field Photography for always capturing the best of the best.

54 photo(s) Updated on: July 29, 2018
  • Jonathan Kaplan with MBC attendees July 25, 2018. Photo by Gary Seale.
  • Christopher Laing with Re. Donna Howard and Richard Sanger July 18, 2018. Photo by Gary Seale.
  • Attendees with H.W. Brands. Photo by Gary Seale.
  • Gay Gaddis. Photo by Gary Seale.
  • Mayor's Panel on Climate Change and Water
  • Anne Rodgers, Author and Journalist
  • from left to right, R.J. Rodriguez, Bert Smith, Penny Appleby and Bob Leeper.
  • From left to right:Manual Cavzos,Carlos Gonzalez Gutierrez - Consul General Mexico in Austin, Julie Tereshchuk,Charles Ponzio and Mary Gordon Spence
  • From left to right: Lupe Barragan of Casa Chapala;Mexican Consul General Carlos Gonzales; Robert Rodriguez of RBFCU; Rene Campos, Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.
  • From left to right: Paola Aguillon, Vikki Goodwin, Gen.Ricky Lynch and Nitya Uthenpong
  • From left to right: Kent Cummins, Jane Hayman, Steven Ennis, Carol Field
  • From left to right: Jim Comer, Amy Praskac, Mary Gordon Spence, Marjorie Mulanax, Fred Viehweg and Susan Franzen
  • With guest speaker Jim Duncan
  • With Guest Speaker Many Lifshen
  • From left to right: Bob Guess, Elizabeth Rabaey, David Wallace and Peter Dennison
  • From left to right: Marcia Silverberg, Kevin McGowan, Catherine Morse, Steve Derosa and Elizabeth Rabaey.
  • From left to right, Michael Worthington, Elizabeth Golembiewski, Thom Singer and Marc Miller
  • From left to right: Mary Gordon Spence, Chris Plonsky, B.J. Bludau and Bruce Meleski
  • From left to right: B.J. Bludau, Chuck Paul, Debi Tengler, Lynn Amer and Jon Mark McMullen.
  • From L to R: Steve Cook, Michael Worthington, Dr. Varga, Ned Horvath and Joe Neil Kerr
  • Left to right: Vikki Goodwin, Goodwin-Goodwin Real Estate; Michael Worthington, Classic Forms and Products; Judge Sarah Eckhardt, Travis County; Franklin Stover, Atchley & Associates; Jane Hayman, An
  • From left to right:
  • Left to right: Larry Bailey, Practice+Appeal; Michael Worthington, Classic Forms and Products; Teresa Sansone Ferguson, AustinUP; Mary Gordon Spence, Ask Mary Gordon; Margaret Hutchison, Austin Hearin
  • From Left to right: Frank Stover, Marilyn Poole, Dicky Grigg, Debbie Pearson, Richard Schley
  • 02/08/2017. L-R: Janice Friesen, Mike Robertson, Jim Comer and Ned Horvath
  • L-R: Speaker Joe Martinez, Jim Comer, Speaker Sally Hernandez, Pedro Villalobos
  • Left to right: Stacie Holt, Speaker Kendall Antonelli, Nicole Cooper, Joe Neal Kerr
  • Left to right: Stacie Holt, Jim Comer, Speaker Janet Zaretsky, Nancy Mossman, Jason Freshly
  • Left to right: Katherien Deats, Nancy Sosa, Speaker Uwe Blab, Cameron Vann, Kpobari Kponi,
  • Left to right: Shari Alise Wilson, Beverly McCune, Speaker Leslie Hyland Rodgers, Susan Boulden, Mary Anne Connolly
  • Left to right: Tommie Huggins, Stewart Vanderwilt, Speaker Evan Smith, Julie Tereshchuk, Barry Lovelace
  • Left to right: Sharon Evans, Hillel Schuster, Speaker Professor Eytan Gilboa, Cindy Brummer
  • Left to right: Paola Aguillon-Brashear, Speaker Clara Bensen, Hudson Harvey, Pete Gasper, Jean LeFebvre
  • Left to right: Todd Perrine, Speaker Phyllis Snodgrass, Mike Hanley, Demian Blair
  • Left to right: Dominique Renee Bowman, Damita Miller-Shanklin, Speaker Dr. Colette Pierce Burnette, George Washington III,
  • Left to right: Geoff Wool, Michele Heyman, Mary Gordon Spence, Speaker Jeff Cohen, Speaker Mark Miller, Kaye Beneke

MBC thanks Sherwin Field, of www.FieldPhotography.com, for many of the above photos.

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